Why become a PRC member


For only P500 only, join the Million Volunteer Run 4
and become a PRC Premier Bronze Member as well!

Why Join The Million Volunteer Run 4 And Become A Red Cross Member?

Self-Worth. Being a member of the Red Cross gives an individual a sense of worth since he/she becomes a part of the premier humanitarian organization that continues to serve the most vulnerable.

Professional Networking And Friendship. Red Cross provides forums and activities for professional, business leaders, and youth (e.g. fundraising activities and Red Cross Youth Program)

Personal Growth And Development. Red Cross members may avail of leadership, disaster response, first aid, and other youth development training. Red Cross expansive network of chapters also provides extensive opportunities for service and interchange.

Access To Red Cross Services. During emergencies, Red Cross members will have the access to safe blood, safety, and other life saving services of the PRC. Other services, on the other hand, require fees to augment direct operational costs.

Who Can Become A Red Cross Member?

Individuals aged 6-65 years old (students, out-of-school youths, employees, utility workers, Red Cross staff, volunteers, and trainees, etc.)

How Does One Become A Red Cross Member Through Million Volunteer Run 4?

For P500, register to the P500 Category and become a registered PRC Bronze Member.

For other Red Cross membership details, please call 527-0000 local 114 or email membership@redcross.org.ph, or visit any Philippine Red Cross Chapter.



What is the scope of coverage? The accident benefits cover the person 24-hours a day, worldwide. The plan extends coverage while the person is traveling as a passenger in any public conveyance. It includes acts of nature, motorcycling except for professional use and during racing and competition. The plan also covers any injury as a result of acts of terrorism.

What are the exclusions for claims? Suicide, self-inflicted injuries, drug addiction, nervous disorders, cosmetic or plastic surgeries, dental diseases, AIDS, pregnancy or childbirth, war, military service, alcoholism, drug addiction, and willful participation in any crime.

Who may qualify for the benefits? All members of the PRC ages 6-65 years old. The PRC membership is also renewable up to 72 years old.

When does the coverage begin? The coverage will become effective on the date of registration with the PRC.

If I have accident coverage from other insurers or insurance companies, can I still get the accident benefits of PRC membership? Yes, since this is an accident insurance, benefits are payable on top of other insurance that you might have. However, in case of medical reimbursement, Philam thru PRC shall only pay the expenses that are not paid by other insurance companies. You may also opt to choose where to reimburse, from the PRC or from your other insurers.

Who are the qualified beneficiaries of these accident assistance benefits? The qualified beneficiary will follow the legal hierarchy.

In case I die of natural death or sickness, would the benefit be provided to my beneficiaries? No, benefits will not be provided in case of natural death or death due to disease or illness.

If an accident happened to me overseas, can I or my beneficiaries claim? Yes, you or your beneficiaries can claim. Coverage is in effect anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

If I register as a Red Cross member, can I also avail of free blood and free first aid training? As a Red Cross member, you can avail of the accident assistance benefits. However, we will help facilitate your blood requirements. Blood itself is free but it has processing costs which you can reimburse as a member in case of accidents. More so, to avail of first aid training, you have to pay the required registration fees.

Do I have to carry my membership card at all times? Do I have to show it to ER when I have treatment? No. You may opt not to carry the card at all. You do not have to show it to the ER. However, you should keep the card because it is your insurance policy. You will need the card number when you claim. Our accident benefits are purely for reimbursement purposes.